I am closed for a well deserved break from:

17th December, 2020 –
13th January, 2021.

I wish you much joy during this break, with laughter and good company dominating your time.

May 2021 be a much better year for you all!

Soul Direction Intuitive

Soul Direction readings are psychic readings where I will help you navigate any issues you may be facing in life.   This is very similar to coaching, but I was spirit trained and guided on how to conduct these sessions for over 20+ years.

Psychic Medium Readings


A mediumship reading is when I make contact with your family and friends in the spirit world.

I have been involved in using my psychic medium abilities for over 30 years.

I love passing on messages from loved ones in spirit and giving information and guidance around issues people are experiencing. Giving support and encouragement as spirit give me advice to pass on to you..

Psychic Medium Jennifer Edwards

I have been seeing Jennifer Edwards as a Psychic/ Medium for at least 15 years. She has an insight, spirituality and rare psychic gift that has helped me overcome many of my life’s challenges. 

There are times when I cannot see my way forward and Jenny’s clarity and vision move me past the distracting veneer and make me able to stay on my path. One time that was particularly significant was after my mother died. I was consumed by guilt and grief and did not know what to do.

Jenny was able to contact my mother and tell me things that only mum and I knew. She freed me of my concerns and allowed me to move forward and begin to heal.

Whenever I have a concern I will always contact Jenny and I am extremely thankful that I have her in my life. Jenny’s psychic and spiritual dimension make her uniquely equipped to help people and I cannot give her anything but the highest recommendation.   from   JT Australia

A review of my mediumship by Victoria Rose.

I gave a reading for Victoria when her recently deceased mother came through. It brought about a wonderful healing for her and was a very emotional moment for us both.

Thank you Victoria.

psychic medium review jennifer edwards
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Jennifer is a gifted psychic, medium and healer; a gift she uses with generosity, integrity and wisdom. I have had healings and readings from Jennifer for about eighteen years and she has helped me through many difficult times. Her insights have been invaluable and at the same time she respects where you are in your life and does not force any point of view. All I can ever say is “thank you”.   from Kate  Adelaide

“I have known Jennifer for over a decade and have been very lucky to have access to her insights for many years. Jen is the only person to never give me erroneous advice. It’s uncanny how reliably accurate she has been over the years. I wish I took her advice more seriously in the early days. If you’re looking for guidance there is no one else I would use, book a session now.   from Jason Bawden-Smith, Sydney Australia


If you do have issues you want to look at, Soul Direction readings will be conducted as you would in a coaching or mentoring style session. I will receive advice and guidance from spirit to help you.

The psychic mediumship I conduct is not a psychic reading for those looking only for future predictions. So my style may not suit you. I will contact your loved ones in the spirit world.  I also work with my guides to pass on their wisdom and insights into your difficulties.

You may know these readings as:

Psychic Readings

Soul Direction Guidance

Mediumship Readings

Business Readings

The best thing for you to do to help a session go well is to relax and have an open mind.

Types of Psychic Medium Readings

Readings are via Video, Over the Phone or

 You can book a personal reading (face-to-face)

30 min and 60 min readings available.

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