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Psychic Medium Readings

Intuitive Guidance Readings

Sometimes people book a mediumship reading, but spirit really want it to be an intuitive guidance or mentor reading. This means that you may have an issue or need guidance on some aspect of your life and spirit want to deal with that first.

At times the two readings overlap, but I have found that the direction given, shows that they know us better than we know ourselves. You will receive the best reading for you at the time. I tend to go ‘with the flow’ and have learnt over the years that spirit is always correct in what is needed.

I consider this type of ‘reading’ to be my forte and have successfully assisted thousands of people in all walks of life, through their confusion about a problem or decision whether it applies to business, relationships or other important life events.

If you do have a problem or issues you want dealt with, the intuitive guidance will be conducted as you would in a coaching or mentor session. I will receive advice and guidance from spirit to help you, as we chat. Sometimes even a loved one will step in and have their say on the matter! Just like they did for you when they were living in this world.

If you are having issues with people in your life, this is where photos are helpful. I can only give information from photos, as their soul or my spirit guides will allow. Again I do not have control over this and will tell you upfront if I am prevented from giving information about a particular person who is living.

In these cases, other information to assist you to deal with the situation will be forthcoming.

Please understand that spirit will not make up your mind for you. They give guidance and understanding. Sometimes if appropriate, I am given information regarding future outcomes which I always pass on.

The intuitive guidance I conduct is not a psychic reading per se. We chat about your problem. However, much information and direction can be gained through this type of session.

Mediumship Readings

A mediumship reading is when I make contact with your family and friends in the spirit world.

Even though this can be an emotional experience there is also joy in hearing from those you miss.

Mediums cannot insist on having a link with specific spirit people. Please appreciate that I have no control of who comes through or how long they may stay.

Mediums “tune in” to the spirit world, acting like a two-way radio.

Remember that people do not change once they have died. They are still the same people you loved and knew. Here is an example. If your loved one did not talk very much in their physical life, well… he or she is still the same on the other side. Or they may have been of a retiring nature. Therefore, the medium may not have a lot to pass on from that person. If this is the case, others may step forward to say hello in the meantime. However, as the session progresses, your loved one is assisted in the spirit world to give more information by their helper. Or it may take another session for them to overcome a habit of a lifetime.

If you wish, you can send me photos of people who have passed on. This may assist me to connect with them and bring their messages through to you. Sometimes the photos are not used at all, as someone is already keen to come through. At times we are only able to read one photo, as that spirit person decides to stay for the session.

The best thing for you to do to help the session go well is to relax and have an open mind. Accept who comes through for you. They will do their very best to get through. It may not be whom you want today, but maybe at another time, the one you really want to hear from will present themselves.

I will try my very best to bring you a satisfactory reading, but in the end spirit have control and we both have to accept what comes.

Sometimes, it is meant to be an intuitive guidance session and this will be offered to you.

Video Readings

Jennifer is now offering her new global ZOOM video reading or Skype reading service for everyone who would like a personal reading, wherever they are in the world. When using Zoom, a link will be sent to you prior to the reading, which you can download at the appointed time.

All zoom readings can be recorded and emailed to you. Skype readings can also be conducted if you prefer. Skype will need to be recorded by you on your own computer. Readings are available in English only.

Phone Readings

For those people who live interstate or overseas and are unable to attend an in-person reading, Jennifer offers telephone readings for her worldwide clients. Telephone readings are available in the English language only.

Jennifer can give you a clear and valuable reading over the phone. You will be supplied a phone number with your final reminder with which you can telephone Jennifer at the appointed time.

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“I went to Jenny to get a reading about my brother who had passed over, and was not disappointed. Jenny told me things about family and my brother that she could not possibly known. She gave me confirmation of life after death. Jenny told me things about my life and health which were extremely helpful.

Thank you Jenny.”

Cheryl W., Qld Australia