“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”
Albert Einstein

Are We Disconnected to Our Intuition?

What has happened to our society? What happened that disconnected us to our intuition to such a degree that we only follow logical and ordered conscious mind reasoning? When did this happen? Is intuition a feminist issue? Many questions but few answers.

It is amusing when the scientifically educated and the most sensible business schools, tell us that facts, statistics and mathematics are the only way to prove some something to be of value in this world. No one wants to talk about intuition as something to be valued and validated in our day to day life. They forget that many an invention was discovered through intuition. For example, the Singer sewing machine was brought to life through a dream. Intuition at its’ best!

I have read that there are certain well known financial ‘gurus’ who regularly play their next hand, after due diligence, entirely on their gut feeling, their intuition if you like. One even stated that every time his back ached, he knew to invest and it was always right. He knew himself well and used his body for clues to what his intuition was telling him. Smart man.

How many times have negative outcomes been avoided by leaders in times of stress and war, through dreams or by their intuition against all common sense advice?

Intuition is a Great Gift

Intuition is a great gift. It has been bestowed upon humanity to guide and direct them in their decision making or when times are seriously difficult. I do not know how many times I have said to clients, “go with your gut feeling on this. Or what does your gut feeling tell you about this person or situation?” Usually they get the right answer. They admit that they knew, but….ignored it.

We need to be empowered in life. Yes, sometimes we make the wrong decision, because we could not connect within to make the right intuitive decision. Emotions can be our downfall if they overwhelm us. We have all gone through it. We turn left instead of right; say yes instead of no – we all make mistakes. This is how we learn. It is a good thing because eventually (I hope) we will come to the realisation that what our intuition was telling us was right all along. You know, that still small voice within? Well as we grow we finally slow down and we listen.

You may need to relearn this way of life. We knew it well as a child as we all ran on our gut feeling about situations that came along. A feeling of dread around a certain person, but not knowing why. A feeling about how something was happening in the house between our parents or siblings, but we didn’t know what.

Sadly, as we get older we are taught that only logic is valuable. The conscious mind knows all. Well I have news for you, the conscious mind is a great asset for us to use to navigate sensibilities throughout our life, but it not a good judge for what will bring us happiness or passion in our life.

Here are some ways to know that we are truly listening to our intuition:

  • Feeling really happy about a decision, even though it is not logical or people disagree with it
  • When fear arises – we are scared but excited about our decision
  • When we feel clear and less confused
  • When we know that we have made the right decision
  • We feel confident to take action
  • We feel more at peace
  • We feel brave
  • We sleep on it and wake up knowing what to do
  • We feel empowered

Listen to your Heart

Learning to trust your intuition takes practice. Your conscious mind will shout at you to listen to it, so sometimes it is hard to hear that still small voice within, but it is there. When confusion is too great, just sleep on it. This always works. Go to bed and ask for clarification and guidance and in the morning when you think about the problem and what you want to do about it, the right answer will be there.

Listen to your heart. This is where intuition lies. It is the real you and it takes practice to make your acquaintance with its quiet voice. It takes practice to remember to take a moment, sit still and ask the question of your heart – yes or no, this way or that.

You will get the hang of it. Everyone is different. You will hear it in your own way. Everyone has their own life energy signature. You need to believe in yours. This is empowerment.

Have you disconnected with your Intuition? Let me help.