This will be new and interesting information for many of you.

I bet many of you have heard that word a few times in your lives. Or perhaps you have a friend or family member who is considered over sensitive.

Well, keep reading as I have a secret about “oversensitivity”.

Being oversensitive is such a difficult way to live, mainly because we don’t really understand it do we? In fact, the word oversensitive is used to describe a problem situation.  Well, I think the better word to use is hypersensitivity.

This means enhanced or having a more intense feeling ability. In my field of work, this is known as being clairsentient. Clairsentient means clear feeling.

Now we all know when we are being hypersensitive.

  • You know that feeling when you are at a function & they leave when you are halfway through a story and you feel crushed? You know that feeling right?
  • Or perhaps at work you are feeling great but as the morning progresses you start to feel down and flat?

So here’s the thing… there is nothing wrong with you; it’s them.

This is the secret. Let me explain.

That person at the function just saw his ex across the room and the emotions start to twist inside him and he looks for an exit to escape. Nothing to do with you or that you were boring. With the office, well Mary Jo behind you is feeling despondent and Bill across the room is in despair because of bad news he just got. Again nothing to do with you.

Well the good news is this: as a hypersensitive or clairsentient person you are picking up on the emotional state of others and taking it on as your own! You decided it was you.  You made that decision and that is where you make your mistake.

Here’s how to handle your hypersensitive nature and the secret of it all:

  • When you are happy and positive and you suddenly start to go down hill, stop and ask yourself what happened? If nothing has happened to make you feel this way it isn’t your emotion.  Whose is it?
  • When you work out who’s it is, you can stop feeling their moods. Feeling down all of a sudden, Stop and feel and ask yourself is it them or me?
  • If you are able to, close your eyes and feel the energy in the room or around you. When you practice enough, you will be able to feel the depressive energy outside yourself, the despair, the sadness, anything that is bringing you down. This takes practice to learn.

In this video I give you three steps to help you, if you are oversensitive, to cope with being out in the world!

oversensitivity psychic mdium jennifer edwards

The secret to hypersensitivity is to  –  stop, feel and decide.

Stop falling into the negative self talk,
Feel the energy around you and
Decide whether it is theirs or yours. If it is theirs, let it go and move on.  If it is yours deal with it.

My name is Jennifer Edwards, I am a Life Guidance Intuitive and psychic medium.

This is such a common problem, more so than you are aware of. I gathered this information over many years and the understanding of it was given to me by the spirit world to help others and so I am sharing it today, with you. I hope it helps you and brings understanding and healing in your life.

©Jennifer Edwards