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  My reviews from my psychic medium readings

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from Marilyn G., Victoria, Australia

“Jenny’s abilities were first highlighted to me from a mutual friend and I have been seeing her now for over 10 years.

My son died 10 years ago and to help with the grieving process I went to see Jenny. She knew what had happened and helped fill me in with what I didn’t know.

I have relied on her to keep me connected with my son all this time.

I feel that her readings are accurate and she is such a lovely person and has guided me through my grieving with her readings.

I’ve had other family members who have passed over come through as well.  I have been told things that Jenny could not possibly have known before hand.

I can not recommend Jenny highly enough.”

from JT, Adelaide, Australia

“I have been seeing Jennifer Edwards as a Psychic/ Medium for at least 15 years. She has an insight, spirituality and rare psychic gift that has helped me overcome many of my life’s challenges. There are times when I cannot see my way forward and Jenni’s clarity and vision move me past the distracting veneer and made me able to stay on my path.

One time that was particularly significant was after my mother died.  I was consumed by guilt and grief and did not know what to do.  Jenni was able to contact my mother and tell me things that only mum and I knew.

She freed me of my concerns and allowed me to move forward and begin to heal. Whenever I have a concern I will always contact Jenni and I am extremely thankful that I have her in my life.

Jenni’s psychic and spiritual dimension make her uniquely equipped to help people and I cannot give her anything but the highest recommendation.”

from David, Adelaide, Australia

“Jennifer Edwards was someone I saw over a period of many years, and found her to ‘have a gift’ at accessing information not usually available to others. In Jenny’s case, this is accomplished by accessing information provided to her by her ‘spirit guides’.

To illustrate her talent/abilities, it is probably best to give an example from my own experience.

In 1999 I went to see her for ‘ongoing debilitating episodes’ which included symptoms of migraine, disassociation, memory and thinking problems, inability to plan and organise, extreme lethargy, depression etc.   I had been to many medical professionals about this over many years, but had not been able to resolve or get to the bottom of it.

At our session, Jenny said that my problems were associated/caused by areas of brain damage, resulting in a malfunctioning brain under certain condition of stress.  At this point I had not had any brain scans done.

Subsequently I had an MRI scan done (2008) and indeed found that I had small vessel ischemic damage (mini strokes) up to 6mm in certain parts of the brain (frontal lobes).  Just recently I have investigated this even further with a PET scan, which showed areas of reduced functioning resulting from probably a traumatic brain injury.

So Jennifer correctly diagnosed my underlying brain damage problems in 1999, which was later completely verified in 2016.

At the time of her diagnosis, I did not believe Jennifer, but she was proven correct.

This is just one example of her abilities in accurately diagnosing medical health conditions. She has likewise proved very accurate in relaying information about other problematical areas of my life, from her ‘spirit’ guides.

I am scientific/rational by nature, so critically look at the claims of any practitioner and then their results. I must say, that I have always been impressed by her accuracy in relaying to me information that at the time was unknown … that later proved to be correct. I would recommends her without any hesitation.”

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“Jennifer is a gifted psychic, medium and healer; an ability she uses with generosity, integrity and wisdom. I have had healings and readings from Jennifer for about eighteen years and she has helped me through many difficult times. Her insights have been invaluable and at the same time she respects where you are in your life and does not force any point of view. All I can ever say is ‘thank you’.”

CG, Adelaide, Australia